Artist Shitamichi Motoyuki is known best for his in-field research which manifests in photography, events, interviews, documentation and publications. His durational survey and photography projects concern stories that have otherwise been largely forgotten, buried   over by the day-to-day. His photographic series of Japanese shrine gates in America, Taiwan, Russia, Korea, and elsewhere entitled Torii (2006-), explores how  symbolic  and  historic forms are translated and transformed in differing cultural and political climates over time.

For prologue, the artist will present the work 14 years old & the world & borders, first   realised in 2013 and presented at the Gwangju Biennale in 2016. The work is the fruit of workshops conducted by the artist with secondary school students from all over the world. For this iteration, Shitamichi will engage with various northeastern Parisian public high schools creating dialogues with students, looking for the ‘borders’ in their daily lives. The writings of students will be found in local newspapers as the artwork medium. The artist hopes that through writing and publishing, young citizens may author their own futures and come to value the impact of their voices even in a global context as their writings sit side by side with important national and world news.

The artist has exhibited, published and built projects on numerous international institutions including at Miyagiya, Okinawa (2018); V54, HongKong (2017); Kurobe City Art Museum, Toyama (2016); and the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi (2016). In 2019, Shitamichi Motoyuki is representing Japanese National Pavilion for the 58th Venice Biennale. His works form part of numerous international collections including  KADIST,  Paris, San  Francisco; Toyota Municipal Museum of Art; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo; and the National Museum of Art, Osaka. In 2012, Shitamichi Motoyuki was awarded the Gwangju Biennale Noon for an emerging artist.

Image: Shitamichi Motoyuki, 津波石♯11 / Tsunami Boulder 11, film, 2 min 26 s 08, Tarama-Island, Tarama-son Miyako-gun Okinawa, Japan 02/11/2018 at 12:32. Courtesy the artist.