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59 Rue de Dunkerque 75009 Paris

Wed-Sat, 2pm-7pm


Cité internationale des arts – Site de Montmartre

15 Rue de l’Abreuvoir 75018 Paris

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21 Rue des Trois Frères 75018 Paris

Sat 9 Dec, 3:30pm-7pm


Tongue on tongue, nos salives dans ton oreille

Multisite exhibition

December 5–21, 2019

Galerie Allen, Cité internationale des arts – Site de Montmartre, KADIST, & Public Space

Artists: Abdul Abdullah, Julieta Aranda, Maurice Blaussyld, Ève Chabanon, Chto Delat, Dora García, Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė, Tania Gheerbrant, Lola Gonzàlez, Ibro Hasanović, David Horvitz, Barbara Kapusta, Mason Kimber, Naomi Lulendo, Ibrahim Mahama, Shitamichi Motoyuki, Gabriele Rendina Cattani, Garance Wullschleger

Curated by: Alexandra Goullier Lhomme, Sandrine Honliasso, Alexandra Pedley

The exhibition Tongue on tongue, nos salives dans ton oreille was born out of the following questions: what if we allowed ourselves to conceive the future? What future/s, and what language/s would we use to write them? What exchange systems could we reinvent to trace our collective future/s? How to bring about new ways of being, together?

The invited artists question our contemporary social architectures and their innate structures-language, encounters, movements – in order to rethink the conditions of our collective futures. The works together propose explorations of modes of interaction and a rewriting of forms of collectivity, solidarity, emancipation and engagement as motors for action is conceived as both vehicle and language – etching and actioning contemporary and future being.

Focused around three contemporary art spaces with adjoining temporary public spaces dispersed throughout the 9th, 10th and 18th arrondissements of Paris, the exhibition hosts unique works characterised by varying temporalities. They are activated, they activated, they accumulate, transform and even dissipate throughout the exhibition period. Tongue on tongue, nos salives dans ton oreille presents both object-based and ephemeral works of performance as part of a rich program of collective cultural exchange and learning. 

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