The works of Naomi Lulendo are materialisations of the artist’s interest in appropriation and diversion: of words, meaning, and objects, and the  experience  of  space, the  body and identity. Through painting, sculpture, photography and installation, the artist creates works that destabilise and recompose relationships to space via the intimate sphere of  the body.  Proposing the idea of ‘the alternate’ as means and mechanism ‘to be’ and ‘to do’ the experience of space, Naomi delves into the complex interaction and potentialities of the body, of form and motif. Playing with the idea of surfaces, the works of the artist are themselves spaces of projection – of desire, memory, inquiry and the imaginary.

For prologue, Naomi Lulendo elaborates a new performance work entitled Per Forma in which the artist continues to mine her interest in construction and representation of gender. The performance draws from the catalytic quality of social phenomena such as carnavale    and other festive rites of passage where social regulation and self-censorship dissipate allowing licit rule-bending and breaking. Conceived as a syncretic ritual where oral tradition, masking, and divination coalesce, Per Forma blends presence, plurality and play as vibrant affirmation of multiplicity in identity construction and its inherent effect upon constructions of the Other.

Naomi Lulendo graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure de Beaux Arts de Paris in 2018. She recently participated in the research seminar Raw Academy under the supervision of contemporary artist Otobong Nkanga, Raw Material Company Centre for Art, Knowledge and Society, Dakar. Her works have been shown in group exhibitions at École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (2019); Salon des  Réalités  Nouvelles,  Parc floral de Vincennes, Paris (2019); 13th edition of the Biennale d’art contemporain de Dakar (2018); Raw Material Company, Dakar, (2018); and  Galleria  Continua, Boissy  le  Châtel (2016).

Image: Naomi Lulendo, Bi (langue) Gui, performance at Raw Material Company, Dakar, 2018 Courtesy the artist & RAW Material Company, Dakar.