In his film practice, Ibro Hasanović observes History through a critical lens using individuals’ experiences and their stories to reconstruct the past. Migration, war, land claims, discrimination and persecution are among some of the phenomena that the artist uses to cast in sharp relief the repercussions of such events, felt and lived, on a personal scale. The tactic of moving from the macro to micro in his works produces a double effect: they counteract the opacity that can accompany a generalised and mediated reading of an event (politics and media) and at the same time it reestablishes the personal at the centre of the narratives around these events.

In Ibro Hasanović’s Note on multitude, 2015, screened during the projection and discussion program at KADIST, the work stages the farewells of future migrants preparing to take a bus that will take them away from their home country. The artist captures here the progression  of emotions and gestures which translate the psychological states of the protagonists. From tenderness to violence, and eventually to exhaustion, the bodies and faces evolve in tandem with the ever more worrying chaos of the crowd in which they are gathered. The mounting tension emanating from the opaque haze of the situation created finds    no resolution except in the eyes of the viewer who, faced with this deluge of bodies and obscurity, can only wonder as to the tragic nature of the motivations driving this group of people.

The work of Ibro Hasanović has been the subject of multiple solo exhibitions including recently at the Belgrade Cultural Centre, Belgrade (2017); Apoteka Space for Contemporary Art, Vodnjan (2015); and Tirana Art Lab, Tirana (2014). He has participated in multiple group exhibitions internationally including at MOMus – Experimental Center for the Arts, Thessaloniki (2019); Carré d’Art – Musée d’art contemporain de Nîmes (2018); Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb (2018); and Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou (2017). The artist has received numerous awards and prizes for his film work including recently 1st Prize for short film for the 8th edition of « CineMigrante » International Film Festival, Buenos Aires (2017). His works have been acquired by numerous institutions including KADIST, Paris; Departmental Collection of Contemporary Art Seine-Saint-Denis, France; and by MGML – Museums and Galleries of Ljubljana, Serbia.

Image: Ibro Hasanović, Note on Multitude, HD video, sound, 7min 43, 2015 Courtesy the artist & KADIST collection.