In a climate of psychological, bodily and social insecurity writ-large in the public sphere, survivalism and the quest for well-being mutually intensify one another in the works of Garance Wullschleger. Using performance, text, installation, design and photography, she questions certain conditions of contemporary life. The artist unveils a nomadic universe   in which the viewer is invited to let down their guard and to reconsider ways of being in the world. Suspended between utopia and dystopia, the known and the unknown, and fluctuating scales of the individual and of the universal, a total destabilisation of linear time is created throughout the artist’s practice.

For prologue, Garance Wullschleger delves into both intimate and collective memory. In a series of performance-visits and taking place in three stages – focused on a body, a house, and a cave – the audience, step by step, through an existential experience. The endeavour begins through the exploration of a common denominator: the human body. A body invested with words, thoughts, memories, a double skin that serves as a script  or  a  prompter, bringing the body of the performer and those of the viewers into contact with one another, slowly moving together, in order to compose a single body. This collective skin stretches to implicate the entire space, at once an intimate and social structure: the house. A place- concept, transitory in essence and upon which selfhood is constructed. Finally, it is within a symbolical space that Garance Wullschleger concludes her visit: the cave. Inspired by the artist’s visit to the prehistoric cave in Chauvet – Pont d’Arc, the sharing of this experience makes it possible to inscribe the work within frameworks situated beyond that of the individual and even that of History by invoking the very foundation of being and creation.

After studying applied art (textile design) Garance Wullschleger obtained her Diplôme nationale supérieur d’expression plastiques (DNSEP) from École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon in 2019. Recently, her work has been presented at Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Pragues (2019) in the framework of her artist residency at Petrohradska Kolektiv with the artist Anna Reutinger; Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard,  Paris  (2019);  KlaraKiss  Zipspace, Zurich (2019); Academiæ – Youth Art Biennale, Franzensfeste, Bolzano (2018).

Image: Garance Wullschleger & Anna Reutinger, Après moi, le déluge, installation & performance, KlaraKiss Zipspace, Zurich, 2019 / Performers : Garance Wullschleger & Anna Reutinger. Courtesy the artist.