Mixing visual, sound and performance art, Gabriele Rendina Cattani’s result from a process of ingestion and digestion of the world around him whereby he questions the status ans categorisation of things. Accustomed to field recording, constantly capturing what surrounds him, transforming, and cutting sound millisecond by  millisecond – in other words chewing the real, Rendina Cattani builds a world both hybrid and symbolic, in which seemingly inactive bodies of performers, support for technical equipment in a reversed role play, are in fact revealed to us. This confrontation talks to the perception we have of our own body and to the influence of an allegorical overload on our identities.

For prologue, Gabriele Rendina Cattani presents a protean installation,  dispersed  across the different floors of the Cité internationale des arts – Site de Montmartre. A continuation   of his performance series  MAGNUS  OPUS, 2018–, exploring confessions  and  mechanisms of value attribution through the dissolution of a being in gold. The work forms part of the artist’s broader movement towards a total metamorphosis of reality through simultaneous expansion and synthesis. MAGNUS OPUS embodies the theological iconography and alchemical treatises of Johan Tölbe’s  The  Twelve  Keys  (Duodecim  Clavibus),  1618,  and Peter aus Rosenheim’s Ars Memorandi, 1507, which he distorts with personal images, sometimes intimate, with the active desire for transformation and existential quest. This ritual, or omnivorous liturgy, is an ode to the mineral fate of every living being and to the processes of perpetual self-extraction. At Galerie Allen the artist  places  a  single  gold nugget, the result of a prior alchemical performance. This nugget – an ersatz not yet refined – awaits its next phase of dissolution, derives from umpteenth chewing and exists as residual object of an action to which we no longer have access.

Performers : Filipo Aparo von Flue, Balthazar Heisch, Chiara Percivati & guests.

Gabriele Rendina Cattani’s works have been shown within institutions such as BASE  Milano, Milan (2019) ; HeK – Haus der elektronischen  Künste Basel, Basel (2018)  ;  Teatrum Botanicum, Parco Arte Vivente, Turino (2018) ; Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte, Poirino (2018) ; Center of Integration, Tirana (2018) ; Cité internationale des arts – Site   de Montmartre, Paris (2018) ; Magasins Généraux, Paris (2018) ; Musée national des  Arts asiatiques – Guimet, Paris (2018) ; Musée de Minéralogie des Mines, Paris (2017) ; Fondazione Prada, Venice (2014) ; MACRO – Museo d’Arte  Contemporeana  di  Roma, Rome (2013). Gabriele Rendina Cattani is part of the curatorial platforms RepertorioZero et ALMARE. He is currently studying at Städelschule, Francfurt.

Image: Gabriele Rendina Cattani, Magnum Opus: Part I, video, sound & performance, Die Form des Klangs, cur. Boris Magrini, HeK – Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel, 2018 Performers: Balthazar Heisch. © HeK – Haus der elektronischen Künste / Courtesy the artist.