Through sculpture, video, performance and writing, Eve Chabanon’s works are innately collaborative, dissecting diverse social scenarios in order to interrogate their influence upon identity. She engages with primarily underrepresented, excluded and marginalised groups and schools. Using an investigative and experimental approach, Ève Chabanon mobilises the vehicles of writing and fiction as tools to grasp the real, to liberate speech and undermine social taboo. Her work is always a pretext to provoke encounters in the hope of finding and building alternative solutions, collectively. Her objective remains to reclaim possession of the ‘social’ in social codes by playing with the rules of self/social construction.

For prologue, the artist will present her video work Antisocial Social Club, 2018, within the projection and discussion program at KADIST. Documenting the core of the artist’s performance of the same title, produced during her residency at The White House, London, the video primes the audience for a discussion held with the artist exploring dispossession and coalition. Questioning ties between the video, performance and performative document, Antisocial social club unveils and unravels taboos related to communities living in rapidly- changing outlying London suburbs. The performance itself invites inhabitants and their diverse identifications to unite at the local town hall in order to restage a public debate – where each voice has the opportunity to be heard. The specific issues related to the town,     to country and to their histories play out the affirmation of the Self in public space and act out against the fear of the Other. Through fiction, the work examines automatic reflexes and deconstructs the precepts that underpin them in order to imagine future communities anew.

Ève Chabanon will be the subject of her first solo exhibition to be held at Bétonsalon, Paris (2020). She has been recently exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations, Paris (2019); FRAC – Fonds régional d’art contemporain Grand Large, Hauts-de-France, Dunkerque (2019); D.O.C., Paris (2018); Diep-Haven Festival, ONCA Gallery, Brighton (2018); Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2017); and South London Gallery (2017). She was the recipient of the 9th Science   Po Contemporary Art Prize, Paris (2019) and was selected by L’Institut Français for the Te Whare Hera residency, Wellington (2018).

Image: Ève Chabanon, Antisocial Social Club, ep1 The Chamber of the Dispossessed, performance, Dagenham, 2017 © Gyte Gavenaite / Courtesy the artist & ASSC.